ZOHAR UNIVERSE is mainly composed of two large groups of professionals. On one hand, the founders and true engines of the project: Daniel F. Amselem and Ana Álvarez, and on the other hand, their usual collaborators: Four companies fully experienced in legal law, audiovisual post-production, lighting rental and cinema equipment.

We characterize ourselves by always collaborating with the best in the industry and have set up a team with exceptional sector professionals. We believe in what we do, we work hard in every stage, and team up with the best to achieve success.


CEO & Head of Content

Filmmaker and artist with more than twenty years of experience. His work has focused mainly on the creation and accomplishment of short time formats: advertising, comic strips, scripts and short films.

He has collaborated with companies and professionals from all over the world, such as Europe, China, and USA. He has directed feature films and created digital content platforms focused on the world of soccer.

His inexhaustible creativity and tireless dedication has led him to continuously seek excellence in each project in which he has been involved.


CEO & Head of Business Affairs

Ana is an entrepreneur businesswoman who develops her activity in several fields, including Fashion and Design.

Due to her great passion for cinema, she began her career in the film business with LUXOR CINEMA, a company specializing in cinema and home audio systems installations that focuses on excellence and exclusivity. Later on, she became involved in the production of KRISIS as executive producer.

She is in constant search of new ways of business, always betting on innovation and the application of new technologies in a socially responsible way.