Under development. Comedy Series for online-platforms.

What would it happen if a superhero loses his powers and must be treated by a somewhat neurotic psychoanalyst? However, what if that psychoanalyst is Jewish and at his own home has to deal with a ghost of the past, his ex-wife and a peculiar scientist who wants to become a rabbi? And what if our superhero not only approaches the man but also tries to understand him and his only alternative to do so is to work with a family of Mexican immigrants in a food truck serving tacos? Furthermore, what if a charlatan and unscrupulous famed podcaster wants to use him to reach the presidency of the US?


Comic Book

Under development. Digital Comic that explains the origins of our new superhero.

The Zero Zone is the four chapter of this digital comic book, an episode that explains the main reason why the Galactic Drifter goes into depression and loses his powers.

These drawings are now part of the art collection at the 9/11 Memorial Museum of New York City. A memory for all the future audiences who wish to study and develop the meaning of what happened that fateful day.


Short Film

Film released. Live action comedy short film. Oscar’s 2020 qualifying and cinema impression for the Jewish Heritage in the annual event: European days of Jewish Culture.

Even superheroes with superpowers need the help of a good Jewish therapist, especially when the future of the world it is in a stake.

“A brilliant philosophical and psychological twist on the superhero genre which whimsically penetrates to our deepest conflicts.”